I founded Bright Light Land Title in January of 2014. As 15-year veteran of the title insurance industry, I believed that I could create a company that valued its customers, treated them that way and did a better job than anyone else. I believed that there is great value in what we do as land title professionals and that by focusing on what we did well, the business would naturally grow from there.


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Bright Light Land Title was founded under 48 combined years of experience and counting that works tirelessly for it's clients. Our team of title insurance experts are proactive and responsive to your needs while insuring accuracy and a professional friendliness unique to our amazingly capable staff.
Behind every policy we write is a compliant title company taking careful consideration for your safety and security. All 7 of ALTA's Best Practice Pillars for compliance have been implemented. Furthermore our company has undergone certification through a third party so that you can rest comfortably knowing you are protected every step of the way.
A friendly staff, keen eye on compliance and accurate product means that Bright Light Land Title is able to take you to closing table on time. That's what makes us the Bright Light in your closing experience.
Where did the name “Bright Light Land Title” come from?
Humans are visual beings and I am a woman of faith. I wanted to give the company a name that would create an image in our minds invoking thoughts of confidence and positivity. We all have an opportunity to be a “light” to others, so why not be a Bright Light? Real estate transactions are more than paper and pen, brick and mortar, let us be “The Bright Light in Your Closing Experience”™
A word from our Owner…
I started in the front office of a title and abstract company and learned to search titles, run chain sheets and type commitments. I figured out very quickly that I loved it and was good at it. So I learned everything I could about the business and regularly asked for more responsibility while learning closings and title insurance end to end. I moved up in rank and eventually was recruited to open an office for a large corporate title company. Over time I became state manager, building teams and creating workflows for high-volume REO and Refinance transactions. We really did it all, from commercial to residential. The corporate environment taught me so much and those experiences became invaluable knowledge and skills. Want to create synergy and improve processes? No problem. Design file workflows? Can do. Recruit and build? Done. What I love most is creating and building new things and helping others. That can be done in so many ways if we are simply open to the process. Change is inevitable. Crying about it is optional. I want to be a person of great change not for the sake of change but for the sake of doing something great and making a difference.
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